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Spasm in sigmoid colon

I have been suffering with bowel disorders mainly  spasm in sigmoid colon for the past 15 years, so many times under gone for colonoscopy test,barium anema etc, but nothing was found abnormally doctors used to tell it is IBS.

Recetnly went to  one gastro entrologyt  he suggest for  all the blood tests  and found   abnormal levels of  Amalyse, lipase,LDH and 0h 25 Vitamin D3. so he confirmed  that I have  small duct pancreatic desease and vitamin D dificiency.

I started taking follwoing treatement for the past 10 days.

1) CALCIROL 60,000 IU weekly once
2) TROXIP 1-1-1
3) ENZAR -HS 1-0-1
4) Spasmopriv 1-0-1

But still I am getting spasm in sigmoid colon  due to this gas and fecal mater was stagneting in that area and giving lot of pressure to to brain.

Please suggest me what exactly going wrong in my case and tell some thing to come out of this problem.
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