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Stomach ache after enema.

Im 16 and i did an enema at home with tap water, i did it just to have tried it but now i kinda regret, its about 1 hour after the enema and i have a stomach ache, is it necesarry to go to the doctor? i did not use any tutorial but just assumed tap water would be fine, i think i injected about 1 litre of tap water. Is there anything i should avoid eat/doing now? Is there something i should eat/do now? thx for reading/helping!
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Oh, i also emptied about 10 minutes after i was done and did it again, the second time i emptied about 5 minutes afterwards. Ive eaten bread and a tiny amount of rice incase it could be water poisoning.
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Hi, dont abuse the bowel with enemas. It can cause infection of the bowel if you use tap water. . Looks like you are suffering from constipation and the consequent effects. Lack of adequate oral fluids and irregular diet (decreased bulk), can further aggravate the problem. As a result of constipation you might have developed fissure in ano. I would advise you to develop a life style to fight constipation. Drink plenty of water. Regular meals with high fiber content like green leafy vegetables, plenty of fruits, lots of oral fluids and exercise will help relieve constipation. Please consult your primary care physician if symptoms worsen. Regards.
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