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Stomach cancer or an ulcer? I'm so worried!

I am concerned as to whether I have gastric cancer or an ulcer or something else? I have an endoscopy scheduled in 2 weeks but that is too long from now and I am going crazy with anxiety and stress having to wait that long!

Here is a little bit about me and my symptoms: I'm a heavy 21 year old male and for the past few months I have had dull aches and pain right below my sternum, pain in my chest area, through the back sometimes and now currently, on my sides. For the past week, I have noticed a 10 lb loss in my weight that occurred over the course of  a few days. I also have a loss of appetite after a few bites of food (this is strange to me since I used to eat a lot and normally). I have had heartburn for as long as I can remember (over5+ years) and took a lot of Ibuprofen and Aspirin for a heart attack scare a few weeks ago. I stopped taking them and currently only take tums when needed. I am currently on an anxiety medication to help calm me down. I feel fatigue most of the time. I have had no blood in my stool (no tarry stools) and have not vomitted blood or anything. I do, however, feel nauseous sometimes. If anyone can or has related to this, could you give me some advice? I'm scared that I might have gastric cancer. I feel like a majority of my symptoms fit the criteria.

*I tested negative for H Pylori
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You are very young making the likelihood of cancer very low.  It is good you are working on the reflux and the endoscopy should reveal if there is an ulcer to be found. I did have nausea with my ulcer.  
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