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Stomach cramps/back pain?

For the past 5 months, I've been having intense pain in my lower back/lower right quadrant of my stomach. It should be noted that whenever I'd have menstrual cramps, these are the same types of pains I'd have. Except the pains became constant...everyday versus just around my period. They're so intense and achy, that it takes Vicodin for me to be able to handle the pain. Vicodin!

I'm posting in this forum because it seems that everything gynecologically has been ruled out -- I've had 2 internal exams by 2 different OB/GYNs, along with a trans-vaginal ultrasound to rule out things like cysts and endometriosis. I've also had an abdominal ultrasound to rule out anything wrong with my gall bladder/liver. My doctor has taken 2 urine samples and told me nothing seems to be wrong with my kidneys based on those quick tests.  

So now I'm at a loss. My doctor brought up the idea that this might be an issue with my back, but I've had back problems before, and this just doesn't feel like it's a back issue. It feels like it's something in my middle, if that makes sense.

I just don't know what else to do! I had an endoscopy early last year in addition to an upper GI to address stomach issues not related to this pain (they found gastritis, an ulcer and a hernia), so I just feel like I've had every test done under the son, and I'm so frustrated.

What should my next move be?
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hello, i am a 15 yr old male who had been suffering from gastritis for about 4 months. it all started when i had a viral infection and about a week late ri was having stomach pain and the doctors told me i had gastritis and said that it will go away on its own.. well it hasnt and i recently have gone to a GI doctor who preformed a  endoscopy he said i have a hiatla hernia along with gastritis. he alos took some bacteria out of my stomach from the gastritis and tested it for H. Phlory or somethign like that and he called back and said my hernia was small no sugery need and gave me pills for the gastrits but recently i've been having bad back pain around my right side in the middle of the shoulder blades and in my right shoulder blade. i asked the doctor this and he said it is inflamation from the gastrits.. the pain is like a knotty/cramping pain. i have had blood test  and cat scan all normal but i had a slightly elavated bilirubin but he said it was just a tad high nothing to cause concern. but recently this pain ahs been getting to me im thyinking i have liver disase or glaa bladder problems but my doctor said no just inflamation but im still scared any thoughts or opinions please?
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