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Stool color weird?

Hey.. i recently been told that my lipase level was too high, it was at 88 and to them it seemed too high. that was 2 weeks ago. i actually ended up losing complete appetite that night and couldn’t eat anything. but over a week passed and i was back to normal, eating very carefully, obviously not drinking alcohol or smoking or anything, not even medications. I was eating fish and rice and chicken and vegetables, extremely careful like i said, trying to stay hydrated.

but it’s been about 15 days since all of that and my stomach has been slightly better, i feel pain here and there inside my stomach but it comes and goes. my stool is solid and good since i eat rice and bread again, but… i’ve noticed today my stool is dark black… really scared me.. even tho only half of my stool was black and the other half was normal brown??
i had lentils and blueberries earlier but after i took that poop, i felt pain in my stomach so i was sketched out, drank some water and the pain disappeared… now i just came to write this to get feedback, i do got a dr appointment in 3 days with my primary… but let me know, i’m freaking out a bit.
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