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Swallowing Problems

I am known to have acid reflux and gastritis, and testing show no cancer or other problems.  Could the swallowing problems be from the acid reflux?  I sometimes choke on food or liquid that I choke on when I swallow, although it doesn't happen all the time.  The only medicine I am taking for the stomach is Nexium.   The Nexium seem to help although sometimes I need to add Zantac for heartburn.  Also, does acid reflux cause your breath to be bad?

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Reflux can cause swallowing problems, but it might also be good to check to find out if you're having any esophageal motility or pharyngeal issues which can also cause swallowing issues.

Make sure you rule out the possibility of H. pylori which can result in bad breath. But check with your dentist. Acid reflux can cause issues with the teeth and tonsils that can result in bad breath.
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