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Swallowing problems

I've been having swallowing problems for about a week now. It started on Thursday evening, I ate a bag of chips and noticed I had trouble swallowing also drinking but less. I noticed on monday evening and the days before the swallowing I seemed to have too much salvia. I also have a sore throat especially shortly after eating and indigestion and stomach ache. I went to the ENT on monday, he did a laryngoscopy and said my throat was fine. I also have either too much or not enough salvia all the time. On tuesday my stomach seemed to be on it's worst I have to force the swallowing reflex and when I swallow it it feels like the food doesn't go away well. I have indigestion and bloating too and what could be reflux but I never have acid in my mouth or taste it. I also have it with drinks but less and have to use water mostly to eat. Any idea what this might be? My ENT hinted at something like gastritis or something?
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