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Symptoms after Gallbladder Attacks

I had two attacks of pain related to my gallstones during yesterday evening and one attack that woke me up at 4 am. Now, when I got up to go to work in the morning, I immediately had the urge to pass bowel. I have been in and out of the bathroom for the past couple of hours with this sudden urge, which feels like cramping associated with diarhea. The stool is soft and covered with a green colored mucous/jelly like substance. I'm 29 weeks pregnant, and therefore have not been able to have the gallbladder removed. Now I am concerned about these strange bowel movements. What do you think this green jelly like stuff is a sign of? Should I contact my OB?
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Yes, I would contact your OB to start with.  There are so many strange yet not abnormal things that happen during pregnancy, she/he may be familiar with it.  NOt to mention, if you are having gall bladder problems, you may have more than normal bile going through your digestion system.
Good luck!
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