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Terrible waking while sleeping....bad gas

A few weeks ago this started when I was taking a shower. A terrible, strange lightheadness hit me, with a sort of tightness in my chest and throat. The sudden urge to try to burp hit me, as well as cough. I tried both but neither really helped at all. My heart started to beat really fast and HARD (160+ heart rate) and I began to panic. Got myself to a hospital and explained the situation. They did some bloodwork and an EKG, telling me that it was some sort of gas and sent me on my way.

Since then, this same sensation happened sparingly, but ONLY when I am trying to sleep. The first time was the only time it started while I was fully awake and functioning.

The past few days it has happened a whole lot and it is starting to scare me. I'll be sleeping, wake up very suddenly with the tightness in my chest, and try to burp. Eventually I do get a "deep" burp that feels like it is coming from far into my stomach/bowels or something. I've tried to sleep sitting up but it still occurs then, several times a night in the past week. There isn't any real pain, or burning which is strange to me. Just the extreme lightheadness, rapid heart beat, chest/bottom of throat tightness, the need to burp. One episode the other night, I woke up with all the symptoms in addition to my entire right arm being completely numb and unusable. Again, no pain.

This is beyond scary, and I'm probably having panic attacks because of it.  I've tried to link several factors to it (eating shortly before bed, laying in a certain position, things like that) with no real pattern coming of it. It's seemingly random.

Among the things I have found online, several include a muscle spasm in my esophagus, trapped gas, sleep apnea, hiatal hernia. I'm not sure if any of those make sense but they are here to think about as well as whatever comes to mind for you guys.

Several months ago I also had an ulcer, that was treated with traditional triple therapy. Stopped having problem with that at the time of the problem. Not sure if related but thought worth mentioning.

I'm pretty desperate for help right now, and strapped for extra cash to keep going to the doctor. I currently don't have insurance so the bills add up. ANY help that any of you can give me is appreciated 1 trillion times over and more. Please try to point me in the right direction.

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