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Upper Abdominal Pain

First of all, I am a person with a history of diverticulitis. I have had it at least five times, once I was hospitalized for five days. I currently have a case of it, and am on antibiotics. However, when I had a mild case about a month ago, I also had something going on in my upper abdomen. When I received a CT scan the doctor told me I had inflammation of my upper abdominal wall and stomach. I have had this type of upper abdomen pain before.  It is a painful, stabbing, cramping pain. I can hear my stomach making these gurgling noises, and I can feel them too. I have been told to stay away from ibuprofen and aspirin based medications, because of the inflammation. However, during a recent trip to the ER where they gave me torridol. I was in so much pain and thought I would have to go back, I ended up trying some ibuprofen, and the pain was so much better. I am not sure what caused the inflammation, but the pain is waking me up at night, and I constantly have to take some sort of pain reliever on a regular schedule, or I can hardly talk or function. The grumbling in my stomach is loud, others can hear it and assume I am very hungry. I don’t know if this inflammation is caused by my diverticulitis, or if it is a separate symptom and issue. I would appreciate some ideas and suggestions.
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I would recommend you talk to your doctor again and ask for an upper endoscopy to check things out.  This way they can get a better look at your stomach and take some biopsies to see what is going on.  Good luck.
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