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Upper Abdominal Pain/Swelling

My name is Krystin. I'm 20 years old.Since I was 15 years old I've been having stomach isues. I went to the ER. They stated it was blood. Then saw a GI doc. The GI specialist ran multiple tests (8 Endoscopies, Upper GI series, hida scan, gall bladder work up, every test they possibly could). The GI specialist stated there was minor inflamation but also stated there was nothing "Medically wrong with me" He came up with the diagnosis of GERD and Irritable bowel syndrome. He tried putting me on the majority of ALL acid reflux meds. None were helping me at all. So he thought i was faking it and sent me to a pyschologist. About 5 months go by and I'm still having no relief. I met my boyfriend and him and his parents forced me to get a second opinon.  So then I went and got a consult from a new GI doctor in a different location. This GI doctor did 1 endoscopy and found I had a hiatal hernia, SEVERE acid reflux and minor ulcers that were rupturing. This doctor looked at my records and then tried me on differnt acid reflux medications and zofran 4mg tab. At this point its been 3 years. So then I was refered to a surgeon to repair the hiatal hernia and acid reflux. I had a laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication in 09/12 After surgery I have a different pain in my upper abdomen above the navel. It hurts after I eat or anything. I still dry heave. Im no longer able to vomit due to the wrap. This pain is so bad I have to stay on pain medication. My surgeon did an endoscopy and said the wrap is fine. For the past couple days Ive been dry heaving, I look at my stomach today above the navel is very swollen.

1. What can be causing my NEW abdominal pain?
2. What can be causing my nausea?
3. Why is my belly becoming distended?
4. What complications come with Nissen Fundoplications?
5. Can having too many endoscopies hurt you?
6. Why are the Upper GI series and endoscopies coming up negative, but I am still in pain. They said I might have gasterporisis.
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