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Very SLIGHTLY elevated Lipase Levels?

Can anyone shed light on this? My lipase levels are usually always on the high end of normal, but when I start taking a new medication or vitamin or anything really, and have my levels checked (I have them checked because I have slight upper back pain) they are slightly elevated, and i mean, ten points over the high end of normal. Never anything that indicates acute pancreatitis. I'm afraid of PC, but I've had several CTs, ultrasounds and even an EUS done with nothing showing up. I have been very very ill for the past year and I seem to keep getting worse. Not sure if anyone with only slightly elevated lipase levels out there have been able to figure out what is causing this. My amylase is always normal.
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Hi, lipase levels have to be increased at least three times above the normal values to make a diagnosis of pancreatitis. If they are increased two times above the normal  values then there has to be a concomitant increase in amylase levels to make a diagnosis of pancreatitis. So, its unlikely that the pain is due to pancreatitis. The pain can also be due to orthopedic related causes like cervical rib, cervical spondylosis or disc prolapse. A simple x-ray will help and an orthopaedician can guide you. In the meantime, you can take OTC naproxen for relief from pain. Regards.
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