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Wall of Small Intestines Destroyed

Unfortunately was served bad meat and realized too late - perhaps a combination of that and the medicine I was given to address it - but the doctor told me the inner lining (wall) of my small intestines came off to a large extent (I actually saw it).  Ever since then - a few years ago now - I haven't had a normal number 2, I've gained weight while eating much less than I used to, I burp all the time, bloated, digest slowly (food feels like it just sits there) etc.  It's really taken my energy down and affected my day to day significantly.

Any tips on how to go as back to normal as possible?  Thank you in advance
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A couple of years ago, I had a different issue of a a UTI treated with antibiotics and then another uti not long after. I was dosed hard on the antibiotics. This lead to real gi issues for me. I was struggling as my gut was just wiped out. I looked into how to rebuild my flora to a positive level. Things I did included researching prebiotic methods of healing. Have you ever heard of that? I drank kombucha tea which can be made into some tasty drinks but has the prebiotic properties. I ate things like sauerkraut and pickles. I know this sounds weird but fermented food helps. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/prebiotics-overview  I then followed with a probiotic.  I alternated between two. It took a full month but I finally got back on track.
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Thank you
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Are you saying the meat you were served was rotten?  I can see where that could/would have made you sick at the time, but it seems odd that it would have caused long term issues.  Do you know what medication your were given?  

Have you been tested for H. Pylori - that causes burping, bloat and other digestive issues.  Also, have you been tested for gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) or it's opposite - rapid stomach emptying?  I have rapid stomach emptying - food empties from my stomach in a very short time, but can sit in my intestines for days before moving on through.   It can definitely cause weight gain and low energy.  Ask for tests.
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I know what caused it.  It was the incident as I described.  I clearly provided the cause.  I added the medication as that was around the same time, just a few days after the bad meat, but one batch of medication, however intense, I don't think is going to do this to me for years (and I know about probiotics), so that only leaves the bad meat.  H. Pylori is something from childbirth?  Can you get H. Pylori or Gastroparesis from bad meat or from antibiotics?  I was given over-the-counter antibiotics where I was in the world at the time, not realizing it was antibiotics.  So, I'm not looking to be doubted, and told that actually the bad meat is not the cause and now I have to get a new diagnosis.  I know it was this incident.  Was perfect before.  Never been normal since.  I also got tests at the time.  It's very obvious and clear.  My question was just if anyone has successfully - to a certain percentage - repaired their gut lining, the wall of their small intestines, or if they successfully managed the issue and if they can share that or have any tips.
I appreciate you sharing your issues and all that, but be aware that a response of disagreeing with the poster right off the bad when it comes to a cause is counterproductive.  Ask for tests you tell me.  I saw gastroenterologists and my regular doctor and was in the lab and got tests.  And I mentioned seeing the lining of my small intestines (in stool), as told that's what it was by the medical experts.  So what I described happened.  So I am beyond the diagnosis phase.  I would like to see what management or curative options are out there.
Hey there. I just want to say that people here volunteer their time to try to help. That's the full intention and not to insult someone. You have to keep that in mind when posting on a public forum and know that you can't control how or what someone responds with. And often, there can be helpful advice within even if you don't see it immediately. Barb has had a long history of being very helpful here and just asked questions and gave some food for thought. See it as helpful rather than feeling challenged by it.

So, I had an issue though that I will talk about in my own answer that maybe will be helpful to some extent.
I know and I do appreciate someone taking his or her time and sharing.  I wasn't focusing on the feeling or emotions of it, nor was I attacking anyone or being personal.  I was using logic.  I was just being logical and stating that it can be counterproductive because it can be, so just for her to keep that in mind.  It happens.  A lot of people will hear someone say XYZ is the cause so how can we tackle it, and then their response is wanting to go back to the drawing board and re-debate the cause.  Doctors do that to patients too.  It's probably a human thing for a lot of people.  They just can't believe a particular cause or it's not in their experience so they dismiss it and try to put in their own cause.  And it can be good intentions, but also can be going down a counterproductive path.  So yes I appreciate the intention of help of course and a couple good terms there, one was new to me, so you can always learn something.
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