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What is this: nausea + mucus + breathing problems + lack of energy?

Hey guys,

it's been a while since my last message here. I'm fighting my problem for about 8 years now. I'm turning 24 soon. I'm about 73 inches tall and 160 pounds. Never could get more weight.

Everything started when I was a kid and after now I can see I had problems with explaining my symptoms to doctors. These things are my nightmare and I'm unable to take all goods from my life.

My main problem is lack of energy. I need to take naps a lot and sometimes I'm sleepy after a few hours after getting out of bed. I eat good. The only bad thing I eat is chocolate. It brings me some energy for very short time and sometimes I just feel I have to eat it and cannot stand this temptation. I drink just mineral water and, from time to time, herbal tea (usually mint or green tea). Some time ago I used to drink juice and some soda, but I got rid of them.

There are some things which are making me feel really bad. Especially juice, potatoes mixed with milk/butter and peanut butter. Something strange happens to me when I eat sugars. When I eat e.g. banana or some candies, immediately I'm getting bitter taste in my mouth and my breath smells bad then. It happens in seconds.

The second worst thing after lack of energy are problems with breathing. I'm not able to take a full refreshing breath. I feel like my stomach is pushing my diaphragm or something like that. This makes me anxious all the time. I cannot forget about my stomach, because I feel it all the time. My breath is irregular and shallow. When I try to take full breath using my diaphragm, I just can't. It stops during the way and I'm feeling the push. I'm so-so able to do that when I seat or lay down, but never when standing up.

This feeling causes me to taking naps too often, because I don't know any other way to let my stomach feel comfortable. I'm loosing so much from my life, I can't go out for a whole day with feeling great.

Sometimes I make diet for a few days and eat less (which I'm a little bit afraid of, because I lose weight easily and I'm a little bit skinny already). This diet makes me feel... different. Not better. After that, another thing is my problem: mucus. It was my nightmare a few years ago. I had much stinky mucus in my throat. Now, when I eat more, mucus in not as much a problem. It just lays somewhere deeper.

About my mind: I'm anxious person. When I meet people, I'm losing control and temperature of my body decreases. I start shaking then. But I'm still not sure whether my mind causes my body to freak out or reverse. I thing this is more going from the body.

What do you guys thing about it? I tried some med examinations already. Most important where gastroscopy (result: acid reflux, bile throwing and some lacerations) and tongue exam with result of Staphylococcus aureus and other Staphylococcus which name I don't know in English language.

I'm thinking of trying stomach USG or something like that.

Do you think it's more anatomical problem or maybe something connected with digestion, or maybe mind?

I would love to start new life without instant stomach pressure, feeling relaxed and breathing normally. And - what's most important - have more energy to live!

If you have any information, please help me...
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I forgot to mension - by feeling bad after eating sugar and these foods I mean nausea. Drinking much mineral water makes me feel it too...
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Are you currently doing anything to treat your anxiety?  Have you been checked for anemia (blood test)?  Have you had tests to look at your breathing difficulties?
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Thank you very much for your response. Yes, I'm doing much to treat anxiety. I tried getting help from psychologist, psychiatrist and doing some things I would be normally scared of. I think now, I'm very psychically strong person. That makes me think that my problems are born in my body.

I've had some blood test several years ago and never got bad results.

And I tried test for breathing difficulties and they were normal as well.

What I can add is that when I'm cold, I'm getting extremely anxious. And sometimes I forget to breathe :)
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Have you had a CBC (complete blood count) recently?  What pulmonary tests did you have?
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