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What treatments were effective for pinworms?

albendazole (Albenza) is the most common treatment for pinworms.Treatment is a single tablet, which kills the worms. There are different strengths for adults and children younger than two years of age.Because eggs can survive for a few weeks, the patient will have to take a second dose two weeks later to lessen the chance of reinfection.mebendazole (Vermox) also works. It is also taken in a single dose and repeated two weeks later.Because it is common for everyone in a household to have pinworms at the same time, the doctor may recommend that everyone be treated at the same time.The doctor may also recommend tap water enemas to help flush out the pinworms and reduce symptoms.After taking the pills, the patient should also do the following:Get into the habit of carefully washing the hands after using the toilet, and before and after eating.Thoroughly launder all bedding, clothing, and toys to destroy any lingering eggs.Launder all bedding every 3-7 days for three weeks.Wash underwear and pajamas daily for two weeks.Previously used drugs [pyrantel pamoate (Pin-Rid, Pin-X) and piperazine] are now rarely used due to lower efficacy and a higher frequency of side effects when compared to albendazole (Albenza) or mebendazole (Vermox).
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For pinworms, my doctor prescribed Albenza for three days, 2 tablets a day. The strength was 200 mg.
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I have pinworms and went to a walk-in clinic. I noticed a worm after using the toilet. The nurse practitioner did not want to see the stool sample I brought and gave me by Reese's pinworm liquid. It did no good, I used it 3 times. Then I bought something at health food store and took that over a month. It didn't help. Then I went to a walk-in clinic. They sent me to hospital lab who took the sample of stool I brought and did tests and told me they were negative! I can see the worms and my man has them too. I drove to an emergency room that took a stool sample 4 days ago. They gave me albendazole but the pharmacy after 3 days said they can't get it so here I am after 6 months and no help.
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I have found a solution to pinworms in kids. The secret of getting rid or reducing the numbers of them are honey and lemon Lockets dissolved in a low fat fizzy pop and it actually works. It is the best night's sleep I have had in ages.
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When I was young I had pin worms about once a year. My mom cut garlic into thin pieces and put it on bread for us to eat. It worked. I did this to my kids and again it worked. Bad breath was the downside.
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I had pinworms, don't know how, but I got them. My doctor gave me a prescription that my insurance would not cover, and here's what worked for me. Took Reese's pinworm medicine, and started taking diatomaceous earth (food grade) one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon at night you can get it at a health food store take it for 30 days. Showered every morning and night and kept a daily cleaning and laundry routine for 30 days. You'll see results in 7 days.
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