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Why do I feel like I need to gag during random times?

I am 16 years old and a female. I haven't gone to the doctor for anything like this yet but I want to get some input. Lately I have been feeling this sort of benign urge to gag. I can still control it but it is still prominently there and it is starting to worry me. I have a soy allergy and I am slightly lactose intolerant. A few hours ago, I drank coffee with creamer that most likely included soy. And now I am in bed with growing anxiety over my throat. I always get anxiety over the fear of not being able to breath or swallow. This gagging sensation happened two days ago in the morning after eating a bagel and that included cream cheese so - maybe it is just my allergies to these foods that is causing my throat to feel strange? This gagging sensation doesn't happen often but I googled this and got even more worried, reading about sort of similar stories and answers to go to the doctor immediately. Also, I tend to have a nasal drip a lot? Like... I end up swallowing mucus a lot and I have for as long as I can remember I'm not sure if that can contribute to the cause but I want to put that out there, too. If anyone at all can help or at least just put some of my anxiety to rest that would be lovely!
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