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abnormal,semisolid,horrible smell poop once daily

i am tire of this chronic disease i've been suffering from 3-4 years...
>little gas in evening
>not able to digest food properly(as far as i suppose)
>morning one time **** which ruin my mood throughout the day
>weight loss
>this disease doesn't let me grow(i am 5ft 7 inch having 50 kg weight)
is it morning diarrhea??
plzzz help me out.....
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I'm no doctor, but gallbladder disease caused rather similar symptoms for me.  Well, I don't get diarrhea easily because my body doesn't function that way for other reasons, but the length of time it's been going on and the weight loss are similar to what turned out to be gallbladder disease.  Nausea and morning vomiting were main symptoms, and then the devastating weight loss, malnutrition and muscle loss.  My skin was having a terrible time with healing from minor insults due to the malnutrition.  

You need to see a gastroenterologist if you haven't.  You can expect to undergo colonoscopy for starters.  Maybe upper GI as well.  An abdominal ultrasound might be done to check for gallbladder stones, liver problems, and pancreatic problems.  

I know it's nerve wracking to get these things sorted out, but hopefully you'll get a good MD who is quick to find the exact cause of your problems.  Abdominal problems are not easy to diagnose, usually.  That's why people need boards like this - for ideas.  
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Hi Pal,

These symptoms would seem to be something other than Morning Diarrhea. Have you been checked for IBS? The symptoms seem to go that way. However, given the fact that you are lossing weight, that would suggest something other than IBS. Is there any blood in the stools? The weight loss and the Direhha would suggest that prehaps you should speak to your doctor about IBD? Either Chrons or UC?

Speak to a good doctor about this and have some test run.
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