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acute pain in the abdomen

i have pain in a particular point in my upper abdomen which is usually too acute which gets relieved after a course of antibiotics and pain killers through injections or iv.I have gone through various investigations for the diagnos of this pain such as ultrasound, ct scan contrast,various blood tests including LFT, AMYLASE,etc.All come normal .Once in 2005 amylase was raised and a procedure called ERCP was done in 2006 .The reports were normal.In 2007 I got my gallbladder removed because of gallstones.My pain now in 2008 still persists and uccurs from time to time with no particular diagnos.Now I was suggested endoscopic ultrasound by a gastroentrologist but i hesitate because of the pain and discomfort involved in the procedure.Can u please suggest what could be the possible diagnos of this pain without going through any futher tests.Could it be gastritis ulcer or what else?Plz help.
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It sounds a lot like pancreatitis or sphincter of Oddi syndrome.  Have your doctors mentioned those things?  It sounds like they are not explaining their findings and suspicions well enough.  They should give you a list of what they have ruled out and why, and what the remaining possibilities are and what tests are needed to rule those things out.  
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