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belching painful bowels and stringy mucus issues constant

40 year old male ,
Hi is there anybody out there can help me literally I took unwell approx. 3 months ago different levels of unwellness starting with sore stomach terrible terrible cramps and weird looking stools suddenly greasy slimy looking with now dirrhea distorted yellowish colour involved constantly had sigmoidoscopy done and stool sample told all ok given  flagyl in case of bacterial infection dirrhea stopped now left with constant stringy mucus and my bowels are so painful and noisy any help greatly appreciated honestly cannot eat normal losing weight now also feel as if Im pushing my food down after Ive eaten have to stand up and take air in to largely burp this actually eases pain in mid-region the stools are not normal looking very very stringy slimey mucus over them every time now
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Well, that sounds absolutely terrible.  I'm sure sorry to hear you are this uncomfortable and for SO long!  Did they originally diagnose you with gastroenteritis?  I'm assuming so since they gave you flagyl.  The problem is, that then sometimes we get other stomach issues when we take an antibiotic.  i would recommend a probiotic.  This helps balance the bacteria adding in the 'good' baceria we need.  You can eat the probiotic in a premade smoothie or at least they sell that here in the states in the dairy aisle or you can take a supplement (pill).  Pill might be best for you at this stage.  Do you mean that you have this discomfort during a bowel movement or is it at other times?
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