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bruised lump on lower right quadrant

my 29 year old boyfriend is for the most part pretty healthly- but about 3 months ago out of no where he got a bad pain right above or right next to his right hip bone.. we were on our way to the hospital and the pain suddenly went away so he stubbornly decieded he was ok and wanted to go home. Anyway for the last 2 days he has had a bruised lump in the same spot. It was tender at first but is now gradually getting more and more painful.  Does anybody know what this is. He has a doctor appointment in 2 days but I just want to be prepared if it's bad news. Oh and no it's not a bruise from bumping into something, it's wierd it seems to me that the lump is causing the bruise.
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Well, it's not likely to be a colorectal cancer, since these occurs after 50. But it could be some other non-harmless tumor, like hemangioma. It could also be intestinal hernia, the location is a bit unusual though.
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It could also be a localised bleeding. If he feels well, I think he can safely wait for the doctor appointment.
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Writing off the possibility of colo-rectal cancer due to a person being below 50 is a huge mistake.   Many people, particularly those in certain industrial occupations (such as firefighters in particular) have a marked incidence of colon cancer well below that age range.  It is a colossal mistake for anyone to assume that simply being under 50 is some kind of guarantee.
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Can I ask please what the diagnosis was please in the end? This is identical to my husbands situation at the moment.
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