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constant hip groin abdomen pain

Ok where do i start as you can tell by the heading theres alot going on at the moment, i have been suffering for just over 2 years now and have been under investigation with a few different specialists, gynae, bowel, gastro and now im currently under the surgical specialist.
I have constant pain in my hips groin legs and back this is a horrid achey pain that seems to worsen on an evening, aswell as this i have very sharp pain in my abdomen which started just below my belly button and went the whole width of my tummy but in the last 6months or so has spread further up to my rib cage and around the sides.
I have also noticed that i am urinating all the time and when i go i get a sharp pain in my vagina that travels up the left side of my tummy, aswell as this i am suffering with cronic constipation where i may not go for weeks, and when i do go it tends to be either a very small amount or loads?? also i get sharp pain during bowel movements.
in the last month i have started to feel sick all day everyday rarely actually being sick maybe once a week, and also i am shattered constantly.
My periods are also all over the place i may not come on for 2 months but then will be on for about 4-5 months with a couple of days break inbetween its not always bright can be a brownish colour.
This is driving me bonkers now and if anyone can help it would be appreciated,, i have had mri scan, ultrasound, colonoscopy urine and blood tests.
Thanks in advance
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