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effects of long term use of nexium

I am.trying to.wean myself.off nexium after 10 yrs, as I feel food has been.fermenting in my stomach, symptoms r.reflux hrs after eating bringing up.food, smelly wind, sore bowels, itchy nd burning bottom. Iv put lots.of weight on and have bone and joint pain 24-7. I feel original symptoms were due to emotional problems and depression  not being treated, my doc is not interested in.helping cus of budget cuts, I'm.sure nexium is as expensive as vaniqa which will improve my life  100%
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Hi there,
Every medication has its own advantages and disadvantages.Nexium can cause nausea and headaches. Bacteria are more likely to proliferate in the less acidic environment created by PPIs, so the chances of developing aspiration pneumonias are more in people who take these medications.Nexium also affects vitamin B12 levels because the body can’t absorb the vitamin without stomach acid to uncouple the vitamin from protein in food. It also affects the absorption of calcium, which in turn can lead to osteoporosis and fractures. Discuss your concerns with your doctor before stopping any medication. I hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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Boy, been down this road.  ENT docs all had me on Nexium on and off.  Was told to stay on it.  After about 3 months, was having bad low back pain and pain on the top of both thighs.  I then had a left rib fracture of unknown cause.  At that time, no side effects like this were published.  I did find a small group with similar symptoms but my Doc said it was not the Nexium.  I stopped it and within 4 days, the flank and thigh pain were gone.  I was later put on Omeprazole, 40 mg 2x a day fir the past few months.  Not sure yet, but my low back muscles are killing me.
I do have Osteo and my Endo doc told me to take B-12, Vitamin E and Calcium as I won't take Fisomax or Actonel.
You may consider this.
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