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for 6 months much gas but little poop and no backing up

About half a year ago I at out (which was a bad idea) and I think it was the potato salad (because potatoes have a history of causing me to have intestinal blockages... I thought eating just a little bit wouldn't hurt, but it did. Anyway, the next few days after that I felt what seemed like it may have been an intestinal blockage starting. But it never fully blocked. Instead what happened was that I starting have a LOT of gas, and virtually no poop. For months. And it wasn't like the poop was backing up in me. It was like the poop was just all turning into massive amounts of gas. And sometimes some mucus. But as long as I was free of the gas I didn't feel bloated or anything. And my stomach was as flat as normal as long as I didn't have gas in me. And this would happen any time I at carbs. If I stopped eating carbs I would get poop again and no gas, like usual. Anyway, over the course of several months I now get a bit of poop, but no where near the normal amount, and still quite a bit of gas, but nowhere near the amount of gas I was getting at first.

So, just what is going on here?
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