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gall bladder "sludge" and chest pain

I began having severe chest pains on the left side, sometimes pain in the left arm and increased gas pressure about 3 months ago. I even went into the ER it was so bad, I thought I was having heart problems. I am only 22 years old and in good shape, used to work out a lot, so I didn't know how this could be. I ended up finding out that I have gall bladder sludge, which I am told will eventually turn into stones. I have an appointment with a surgeon soon because with all of the pain I have experienced, I just want it out! I just find it odd that most of my pain has felt cardio-related? I've been told gall bladder problems can cause these pains, but it seems to not be too popular in most people. I was wondering if anyone else had pain in their left arm and under their arm pit and left breast also with their gall bladder problems? Or if this is something else??....

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doesnt sound like gallbladder issues,,,sounds cardio to me too,and i think you think so yourself??
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This is so wierd because about 9 months before I found out that I needed my gallbladder out I started having pains that mimiced heart problems also. So I had all the heart test (ultrasound of heart, stress test, EKG etc) and every thing was normal then it went away for a while then recently I started having pains on right side and they did the Hida ScaN with CCK and dicovered that my gallbladder was no longer functioning and I had it removed. Though I have had my gallbladder removed 2 months ago I am still have the pains on right and left upper abdomen so I am beginning to wonder if I possibly have sludge in my common bile duct that is possibly causing my pain?????
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You need to get to the Dr. and report these symptoms.  My husband had a blocked common bile duct that did show up on the tests because it was sludge....fine grains of stone like sand.  On the third trip to the ER he was diagnosed with acute severe pancreatitis and spent 20+ days in the ICU and several weeks in rehab hospitals....it took a year for him to feel near normal and he is left with insulin dependent diabetes as a result.  He was not even close to being a diabetic before!!  He finally got healthy enough to have his gall bladder out and it was still inflammed.  It was 4 months after his initial hospitalization because he got a blood clot in his leg and we had to wait for that to dissolve.
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Ive had it removed now, 6 weeks ago just about. The chest pains have still continued, but i also have had panic attacks, so it may be from that? Going to the doctor once again on Wednesday :(
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my doctor said i have sludge in my [i dont know how to church it up] ball sack is that nornal with getting a wisdom tooth removed
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I have sludge also. Chest pain, upper to mid back pain, right shoulder to in between shoulder blades. Neck pain that sometimes comes around to my right jaw. I've had several EKGs, stress test, blood work and all is fine there. I found a video with a doctor talking about hidden gallbladder symptoms. Every symptom I have was on this video. All due to lack of bile. The oddest part is I don't really have much stomach pain. It's very dull if I do. Also difficulty seeing at night, especially driving. Blinded by on coming head lights. My doc has me on Ursodiol for 6 months to clear the sludge out.
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Also very gassy with a ridiculous amount of burping until he put me on Dexilant. The stuff is awesome.
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