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hypoechoic tissue pancreas

In 2008 my bile duct ruptured due to manometry and a stent put in my pacreatic duct.  The instrumentation was unsterile causing a huge abcess on my entire left side of abdomin.  On 12/2008 I had severe pancreatitis which was caused from taking calcium supplements (hard on pancreas).  EUS was done 1/2009 which showed hypoechoic tissue in the neck and head of my pancreas.  FNA did not show cancer.  Because of several other pancreatitis eppisodes and father dieing from pancreatic cancer, does all of this put me at high risk for pancreatic cancer?  Can hypoechoic tissue turn from benign to cancerous?
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  If a relative has had pancreatic cancer, then it puts you at a higher risk for pancreatic cancer yourself.  However, I'm not sure if having pancreatitis many times puts you at a higher risk for developing pancreatic cancer.
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