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interesting on the antibiotics being used

The problem with antibiotics it pretth much kills everything in your stomach not just the bad stuff but the good culture that kill and fight off diseases in your body and over time the bad bacteria get immune to the anti biotics and start taking over teh body and destroying it. My niece right now is having these symptoms and shes being rushed to the hospital i was trying to find out some info on this problem. I think the doctor is not the only place for advice. I think seeing a nutritionist is really important and taking a food allergy test to find out what your allergic to.

I took antibiotics when i was sick it just made me more sick. I got off them, ate well, found products and nutrition that make immune system stronger and took probiotics that was refridgerated at the store in aglass bottle and took that every day to put good culture back in my body. I havne't been to the doctor since and i havent been sick in 3 or 4 years. And one thing always to consider in yoru diet is magnesium. Without that yoru body will fail. But anyways thats just my opinion im no professional or docotor its just my own opinion on it all. If your getting sick imo your body is telling you its not healthy and its immune system is not strong enough to fight off the bad things inside of it so the key for me is making the immune system stronger. Antibiotics imo make it weaker.

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