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irregular bowel movements

i had recently had my gallbladder removed becuase it wasnt working.  well its been about a month and a half. I have kinda a bad topic to discuss lol.   well for the past 3 weeks i would say, no matter what i eat like it runs right thru me there are times i cant even finish my meal and i have to go use the restroom atleast 2 times, and for about 2 hours after i eat i have to use the restroom every 20mins or so. well to explain what it looks like not to be nasty but it may be helpfull information. Its mostly liquid and gas, no mater what i eat. what can  ido to help this or even have this fixed, i mean its embarassing to have to go when we go out to eat and when ppl are over. thanks for the help.
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also. i am 21 yrs old and am currently on no medications.
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