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just disgnosed

I have had heartburn for years and nausea since I was in grade school.  Ive never eaten a high fat diet or other things that would irritate pancreas.  6 weeks ago I went to Dr for PAP.  I had heartburn that would not stop for 2 days burning in center of abdomen.  they checked my vitals and triaged me to the ER with low grade fever, pain, racing heart and low blood pressure.  they ran me thru test and came back with acute pancreatitis (KFC caused). they then sent me home.  I went to gastro dr 4 weeks later had MRI and they said I still had pancreatitis and also pancreatic divisum.  She put me on enzymes, my BM's are gold since all the testing....fine before that.  She wants my pancreas to "calm down" and then have ERCP and possibly also EU.  She says it could cause pancreatitis which I already have.  Im not in a lot of pain, im paying close attention to my diet, the heartburn has gone. Yeaaa.  why should I have this ercp and EU done if I am doing ok on the pain meds and enzymes. I read nothing but bad things about the ercp and she wants to put a stint (is that the right word?) in the duct also.  Im so very confused on what to do.
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Wow, seems that we're missing quite a bit of info here. You are correct in that an ERCP/stint is a risky procedure and your doctor(s) must have a reason beyond what you've listed here. Is there more data you can share? MRI conclusions, blood work, etc?
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