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lump in my throat

I have had the sensation of a lump in my throat for the past 2 weeks.  It does not hurt it is just annoying.  I have been to my dr and she said she did not see anything and no swollen nodes but is sending me to a ent.  she thinks it may be silent refux.  other symptoms i am having are headache and a stiff neck on the left, it feels muscular.  Is anyone else dealing with this?  I have health anxiety also.  Now this lump sensation comes and goes.  It is there everyday but sometimes its better than others.  Help!
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I too had a golf ball type lump in my throat.  It stayed for about three or four weeks.  It followed a bout of flu.  I went to ENT, which he scoped my nose and said it was silent reflux, which it was not.  I believe it is called a cricocoid spasm.  And I may have the spelling wrong.  But if you will look for that, I bet your symptoms are more similar to that than they are to SERD.  I now have nosebleeds from the scope.  And if your symptoms match that of the spasm, when you look it up, I believe they have some remedies listed when you search for that.  Which I knew I had reflux, I didn't need an ENT to tell me that, but the golf ball lump in my throat was not from the reflux.  It caused reflux because I would gag and carry on and try to cough it away.   I think that just irritates it.  But I believe you can run hot water over your neck and drink warm liquids and try to do some anti-inflammatory type things, like diet and extra salmon, etc.  I hope I helped....it was very frustrating with the golf ball thingy in my throat, but the more you cough or let it irritate you, the worse it gets.  So just try to get it to relax and it will eventually go away.
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