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multi-colored stool?


Today I noticed that my stool was two distinct colors, I am not saying each piece was a different color, but each piece was two distinct colors... A dark brown and a shade of tan/beige..It was softer than normal, but still kind of solid. The coloration was spread out and the light shades were less, but definitely distinct,

Background:  Last year, I had C Diff which lasted 6 months.  I took medication and finally went away....I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy a couple of months ago which all tested fine except for a diagnosis of H. Pylori.  I was prescribed PrevPac, and through out the treatment, my stool was softer than usual, but finally my stool returned to normal...The last few months my stool has formed normal shape, size, and have been regular...although the coloration has been very unpredictable...Sometimes it's a dark brown, the next day it can be a very light brown...Sometimes it's soft, sometimes its firm/dry.  And today for the first time, it has was 2 colors at once...I just have no idea what's going on.....

My diet has been very routine, but with only one difference...last night, for the first time in a long while, I had Rainbow sherbet...

I have read other posts and it seems, the answers always address one color stool or the other, but never two at the same time...So I was just wondering if anyone out there had had any insight to stool that is two colors at the same time and what that can possibly mean.

Thanks a lot...
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Bile is the substance that gives the stool it's characteristic brown color.When bile is secreted into the duodenum it mixes with the substance there and is acted on by a variety of substances as it passes through the small intestine into the large intestine. As it travels, it changes from it's yellowy-green color to a brownish color.  If less bile is present, as can happen at times, the stool can look lighter than normal. If the stool turns very very light in color - grayish or whitish - that's the time to consult your doc. It could suggest obstruction of bile output from the common bile duct.
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