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need help need to eat

had intestine  and bowel surgury and tube down throat . Now home i am hungry but feels like i have to shove food down and food taste moldy also have a hose and pump in stomache to prevent infection.
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  What type of intestine and bowel surgery did you have?  By tube down your throat do you mean an endoscopy or an NG or NJ feeding tube?
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I had my colon removed in, April, this year (2012)  they said, " it looked like a birth defect.  I had been having trouble on the right side, just under the rib cage. Nausea and pain whenever I needed to go to the bathroom. It got worse over the 8/10 years.  I had become dependent on laxatives the last year.  I'm 60 now.  Surgeon said, " over the years of this hair pin turn and age, my colon was wore out.  When does this so called, recovery, end?  Life is a nightmare right now...I think the absolute worse is the, gas.  never ending gas.  it builds up and is so painful.   I use the gasx  it works for a little while..then it starts over again.  BM's all day...my stomach making all kinds of noise...My wound has not healed completely...( I do the wound care for that)  the whole surface of my stomach hurts...its sensitive to the touch...it just goes on and on.   Has anyone gone for months or a year before they felt healed?
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