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pain in upper right quadrant radiating to the back

hey, I was wondering how many people here had a surgery before this pain started? Ive been in pain for more than a year now and I am so sick of it-it started when my baby was around 9mos or so and I had a c-section with him, wondering if its related, also my lymph nodes are swollen, my thoat started aching the same time as this pain started, I will write more about the symptons later, but just wondering if there is some common denominator here-by the way, the only way I can sleep is on my right side, which still feels as if Im laying on a hard small football-and I can ONLY ONLY ONLY sleep if I press some raw garlic and eat it, its nasty but it alleviates the pain enuf for me to at least sleep, though somtimes the pain wakes me early, and sometimes seems like the garlic wont git it, then I take MORE garlic, and some ginger, and crush a couple cloves, after that I can sleep. Maybe that can help someone if they are having trouble sleeping, I lost WAY TO MUCH sleep with this stupid stupid frustrating PAIN

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