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the link of recurrent diahrea and vomiting

Ok I have a long question...I have a 3year old daughter....she is in daycare...she has always seemed to be more sick then my other two children..at 7weeks she was hospitalized for RSV...and the months to follow it was illness after another...croup, fifth disease, rotroviruses, recurrent ear infections, and lots of "colds"....Last feb. started a long long road...she was seen at the er...with sinusitis and strep throat...the thing is she never got better...it is two weeks antibiotics for sinusitis, then a break from antibiotics at most 1 week...then she would start the vomiting and diarrhea..(she was not on antibiotics when she had diarrhea) Then the fever would come back and thick nasal drainage.We are seeing a ent, then in April she got a really bad stomach bug..they thought was caused by the large use of antibiotics...one stool sample later...Salmonella..(nobody else was sick)..she has had her adenoids out, is on reflux meds, had surgery on her throat for trachea malasia(which was causing sleep apnea)..now we have diagnose of chronic sinusitis...and schedule for ct scan of sinuses with endoscopic surgery following...The "stomach bugs" come every month and last for 3-7 days..with mild fever, diarrhea, and vomiting...the ent does not seem to think it is related....we talked about cystic fibrosis(but it is so rare to have no lung involvement, he tells me, and there are steps you have to follow and rule things out first.) it is one illness after another..she is growing and thriving, but always on antibiotic.....any thoughts would be helpful,,,thank you
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