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what is really wrong

I had my gall bladder removed over a year ago,and i am still having so much trouble,really more problems.I have a small hiatal hernia,gastritis,gerd.I really have to watch what i eat.There times i can eat something and it doesn't hurt me,then i can eat the same thing and i am in discomfort and spitting up for hrs.I was having a not so bad day yesterday,but not one that i was willing to push my luck on eating.I didn't eat supper,and i woke up with the nite sweats(I am 54)my heart was running away.About 30 min.was all i could handle so i got up.That helped with the heart racing,but i have felt bad all day.I have drank water,and i did eat a small baked potato with a small amount of butter.I just don't understand what is going on in my gi track.I have a lot of discomfort in diaphram area,I do have IBS also,so i don't go to bathroom for a few days then i will have the loose bowels for a day or 2.I also have the pressure pushing up into diaphram.I had stress test yr.&1/2 ago.I am due in a couple months for my scopes.I have had lots of blood work in the past few months and all is normal.I know they are missing something somewhere,but what?I get weak,very cold when i have a bad spell.It Has gotten to the point to where i am scared to eat.I am 5'3" and 158#.so I am not obese,but the pressure i feel in my stomach and diaphram feels like i have a soft ball lodged in there.If anyone has any of these symptoms and has an answer it would really help me,and if you do my prayers go out to you..
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