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whats wrong with me?

For as long as I can remember, I've had to deal with chronic stomach issues. For the past few months Its been really bad, and so far I've received no answers as to why I keep having issues. My symptoms are always the worst when I wake up. It starts with severe stomach cramping followed by an urgent need to go to the bathroom, every morning I have severe diarrhea which is only relieved when I use the restroom. On average I will go #2 ,4- 6 times a day, accompanied by really bad abdominal cramping. I also suffer from insomnia, and have regular heartburn problems. At night, sometimes I'll have abdominal pain localized to the right side. I've seen my doctor about it, and she doesn't seem to be all that concerned, which really bothers me. I feel like nobody cares, my quality of life *****, and I'm sick of being ignored. I've had stool samples, blood work, and a few years ago , ultrasound and CT scan, all tests come back normal and I get pushed off to the side once again. My doc put me on Bentyl to help with the cramping, which works very well., But I still have chronic diarrhea, sometimes which turns into constipation. I'd say 85% of the time it's loose/watery diarrhea with really bad cramping, especially after I exercise.  Last month it was so bad I couldn't keep any fluids in me, and ended up in the hospital for a day. I'm sick all the time it seems, I just want an answer as to way is this happening? My doc thinks its IBS, I know what foods can trigger an episode, but lately its been everything that I consume, I'm about to hit rock bottom. Its embarrassing, and very painful. I'm a 21 year old female and its ruining my quality of life. If anybody has any better answer as to way this maybe happening, I'd greatly appreciate it thanks. - N.R
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Has the dr. looked at your gallbladder? The upper right quadrant pain could be related. As well as having pain induced by a high fat or high volume meal, nausea and or vomiting, heartburn, gas, and bloating.These are symptoms of problems withe the gallbladder. Also press where you are having pain, if it doesn't hurt when you press but hurts afterward it could be your gallbladder. Don't loose hope, keep fighting for answers and maybe see a different dr for another opinion.I hope this helps
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Hey, Wow thanks for the advice, I never thought of the gallbladder? I'll try to mention that next week. I plan on seeing a different Doc, hopefully they will get this thing knocked out for me.
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Wasn't the gallbladder. I had an ultra sound and they didn't see any issues. I've had so many different tests and everything checks out fine. I'm really starting to get frustrated. I'm feed up with feeling like this everyday.
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ack i'm sorry tree that's...not fun.. sounds like me..mmm.. sounds like gastritis.. and a digestive sensitivity to something..

well if you haven't already (I'm sure you have) you could test for h. ploryi for an ulcer..since you said you're having heartburn of some sorts.  Also you could eliminate dairy/lactose (usually that causes diareera).  Some celiac's complain of reflux/ibs-d/c/insomnia...might not hurt to get tested for celiac, it's not the most accurate test but it's worth a try.  And if you've tested for that (you said you've done blood work) then you could just go wheat/soy/lactose free for a good 2 weeks and then see how you feel.  Some food intolerances cause mass problems.  Also another test if you have insurance is to test for fructose intolerance/lactose intolerance (it's a breath test) or SIBO test (google it..) because both side effects are diaerrea...that would help eliminate things so you don't starve yourself.  But celiacs and wheat and soy allergies have a wiiiide range of problems and symptoms.  I'm also dealing with insomina nausea.. and now i'm working with an allergist to find out what the trigger food is.. wheat intolerance maybe?

I think you're allergic to something or have an ulcer honestly and for SURE you probably have gastritis which is reacting to something wrong or something you're eating.  Short term, maybe ask for some acid reducer *maybe* and avoid spicy/citris fruits to calm that gut down.  Buy some altoids or peppermints to calm it down..avoid stress (I know not easy..) and start eating some bannanas.  No doubt with all the fluid you're losing you're probably low (chronically) on potassium.  Try that elimination diet with some good multivitamin....if you see ANY improvement in 2 weeks then you're on to something.  If not maybe checking for gastric emptying scan...since that is stomach pain/nausea or a upper gi barium xray (if you haven't done that already) looking for a stricture or something in your upper gi..

hang in there :S

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