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did anybody have any good experince having their gallblader out? i'm having mine out in a couple weeks and i'm hoping my stomach problems will go away.  

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Didie, it might be difficult to solicit 'good' experiences about GB surgery, because the people who have had the good experience are out enjoying their lives. The majority of people on boards are having problems and searching for solutions, unfortunately.

You might want to try asking friends and co-workers, etc. There are a lot of people around who wouldn't think of taking about their surgery because they're doing fine.
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thanks so much i'll do that
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My experience was pretty good, but I did have concerns because my weight had gotten so low before surgery that I had malnutrition, and then since surgery, regaining the weight has been unexpectedly tough.  But at least my appetite is better now.  I've tried many different foods to add enough calories to make gains, yet not be too horribly high in fat, but it seems like I need either a milkshake or a sausage biscuit any day I want to gain anything, and if I don't manage enough calories the next day, it falls off again.  I am 5'6", and my lowest weight was after surgery, when it was 108.  The highest I've gotten to so far is 113, and my surgery was 09/12/08.  I've had to take B12 shots and continue my multivitamin/multimineral formula, and also added whey protein to my Silk soy milk.  Oh, one more strategy that worked was eating half a bag of Reese's cups two days in a row, but eating really feels like work compared to 6 months ago, before my gallbladder started getting really bad.  
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