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Big Toe help pls ASAP!!!

My big toe is numb... Its not discolored and its numb from the left side of my toe nail only a little amount of puss has came out though... Could it be an ingrown nail?
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See a doctor.  An infection in the toe doesn't usually cause numbness in my experience.  I am concerned about the possibility diabetes is involved.  Diabetes can cause toe numbness and circulatory problems.  Even if it is just an infection, sometimes those can get very serious.  Go ASAP please.  Primary care doctor or podiatrist.    
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What are the symptoms of Diabetes, cause I highly doubt that I would have it.... this just started 2 days ago
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diabetes.org has the simple list of diabetes symptoms.  Too often diabetes goes unrecognized by even our doctors.  There is one blood test that can help determine if there is a possibility of diabetes that works better than a blood sugar/glucose test.  There is now a test called A1C that is more accurate.  Another test that is done is to have you come in fasting and to stick around for several hours while they run glucose tolerance tests.  You will want to bring some kind of portable activity with you, like a book to read or some kind of needlework activity as some suggestions.  You will not be allowed to eat anything during these hours, as it is done while you are fasting.

You definitely must go see the doctor ASAP.  The numbness is a huge red flag for diabetes, as was already suggested.  This is why certain things are not allowed for diabetics, because they don't have enough nerve sensation to alert them to when it is time to stop something like a foot soak or something like using a heating pad.  Not having these nerve sensations can actually lead a person to unintentionally causing more harm than good when doing these things when they have diabetes.

In any case, you must have this infection checked out properly.
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