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Bitter taste in mouth. Everything tastes bitter and disgusting.

For the past week or so, I've been insanely sick - I'm talking about I-can't-even-move-out-of-my-bed level sick. I'm, however, doing much better now. But one symptom recently appeared, and I think it's the worst: a bitter taste in my mouth. Consequently, everything I eat tastes bitter and gross. I just want to know why this is! It's ruining my enjoyment of any food and drink, and I can never consume anything, no matter how delicious, without throwing up in disgust at the horrid flavor. My only theory is that my acid reflux, which I often get whenever I'm sick, is causing it; but if there are any other ideas, please do share. I have a sore throat, cough, head pain and pressure, fatigue, and, as mentioned previously, some acid reflux.

I just want to know how long it would take for this bitter taste to disappear, and how I could speed up its disappearance. It's legitimately so horrible, and I'd love to enjoy eating and drinking again.

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Hello~Even though you are a lot better, you still could be having ramifications from Covid, if you had Covid that is. Your symptoms are classic Covid symptoms and they can last a long time. I would get tested and let your GP know what is happening.
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Viruses can change the sense of smell and taste. This usually happens while the body is fighting the infection. With most viruses, it disappears as you get better. I understand that with Covid, the senses can stay affected for a long time and some still suffer from loss of smell, weird tastes for months after. Hopefully, if it is flu, you should recover your normal sense of taste soon
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Were you tested for COVID or flu? Having a bitter taste in your mouth is a well-documented potential side effect of having a viral illness. It's also a side effect of some medications, but if you're not on meds or have been on a med for awhile without this symptom, that's probably not the cause.
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I haven’t gotten myself tested, and considering I’m about 80% to 90% recovered, I probably don't have to. But it’s most likely a flu from what I can tell. In which case, how long does the symptom of a bitter mouth usually last?

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