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Can someone help reading my urine tests

These are the results of my urine test. Some of the values are a bit high, can you provide me more infos on them? Thanks.

Specific gravity - 1.025
Ph - 6
Leukocytes - 25 leu/ul
Nitrite - negative
Protein urine - 75 mg/dl
Glucose urine - normal
Ketones - 5 mg/dl
Urobilinogen - normal
Birilubin urine - 1 mg/dl
Erythrocytes - 10 ery/ul
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What was the test for? The protein is a little on the high side. That can be from emotional stress to strenuous exercise to kidney issues. Follow up with your doctor is a good idea
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Hello~I think the best person to ask this question to would be your physician. I would say however, that if he/she hasn't mentioned anything about the results, then they are probably OK.
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