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Ear bleeding

Last night, I accidentally scraped the inside of my ear while cleaning it. It was bleeding and after about thirty minutes it started to clot inside my ear, as there were chunkier jelly-like portions of blood coming from in my ear. However, throughout the night and especially now, the blood keeps going and I'm afraid the wound inside isn't closing. What do I do?
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Hello~Since you have seen a doctor and been given meds, I wouldn't worry too much, however, I would continue to monitor it and if it doesn't get better, then make an appointment to see the doctor again.
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I’m sorry, I missed where you said you’d seen a doctor. Hopefully, with antibiotics, this will clear up and the clots naturally expect. Try not to poke it with anything like Q tips; they are not recommended for ears as they can cause damage. If  you have further problems, go back to doctor
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See your doctor. You cannot see inside your own ear to see what the cause of the bleeding is.
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Ouch! Did it hurt or just bleed a lot. What were you cleaning it with? Did you go deep or do you think the wound is on the side of your ear canal (as opposed to your ear drum). Are you in a lot of pain (which would be the case if your ear drum was involved). A minor cut should heal in 2 to 3 days. If it goes beyond three days, consider seeing your doctor.
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It hurt initially, and a blood clot formed soon. It didn't hurt at all after that unless you touched the wound with a Q tip (which was probably on the side of the ear canal somewhere) .What was concerning was that blood kept coming from it. I visited a doctor and they helped to flush my ears to get some of the blood clot out and prescribed something to prevent ear infection. However, there is still a mass of blood clot inside that I predict will take a while to go away. Hopefully the blood clot clears soon.
Yes, since you saw a doctor, I feel confident it will. Our ears are finicky and don't love having anything placed inside of them.
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