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Feel bloated and pain in legs...

My lower abdominals appear bloated all the time and feels hard when pressed.

I have also been getting pain on my legs which starts in the upper thigh until my lower legs, this worsens usually at night. There are times when the back of my upper thighs are also painful, especially when walking. What could be the cause?
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Hi there.  You really need a medical evaluation and SOON.  this could be a number of things.  They call this edema or ascites and different things can cause it.  Things on the list are kidney issues, circulatory issues, liver issues, congestive heart failure, etc.  All of the nature that you need to find out what is going on and treat it.  See doctor as soon as possible.  Let us know what they say.
The leg pain went away after I rested and massaged my legs. The bloat goes away after some bowel movement. Have problems in that lately....could be due to stress?
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Bowel issues ARE often due to stress.  I've never had bloating in my legs from that?  I would not worry too much about it but mention it at your next physical/ well check appointment if it is still occurring.  Glad the pain is better!
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