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Lump on my leg

About 3 1/2 years ago, I experienced really bad pain in my left leg, just below my knee.  After a few days, a lump appear, that was about 5 inches in diameter.  After several months and tests, an Orthopedic Surgeon looked at my MRI and said that it looked like a lipoma (possibly pushing on my nerves, that is what is causing me the pain), and I needed a plastic surgeon to remove it.  I am morbidly obese, and I assumed that this was the reason it was difficult for my GP to find a plastic surgeon to see me.  I am in constant pain and treating it with a variety of pain killers.  I am currently on Percosets.  The pain is so bad some days that I am in tears.  Since it has been so long in coming, I don't know if there is permanent damage done, or if I will every find some relief from the pain.  

Any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you
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Since you are having pain from it you should probably have it removed. If you weren't having pain I would say have them aspirate the lipoma to make sure it is just a lipoma. It is probably putting pressure on a nerve that would be relieved if you removed it. But I would ask the doctor how dangerous it would be to get the lipoma out without damaging the nerve.. Otherwise, it shouldnt' be permanent damage.
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try eating 5 or 6 cloves or garlic per day for the first week and then maintain a daily garlic consumption at least 2 or 3 cloves.
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Just wondering, how do you think the garlic will help my situation?  Thanks for the input.
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Saw the plastic surgeon today.  She says that it is not a lipoma, and therefore can not remove it.  She thinks that it might be skeletal.  So I am going back to my GP again.   I have previously  seen a Orthopedic Surgeon, so I don't know who to go see next.  Any suggestions will help.
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I wish I could help more. If it is bone tissue I would go to maybe a different orthopedic surgeon. I don't know what the GP would do except refer you to someone else. I'm sorry you are going through all this. So the MRI didn't show much. You would think it would show if it was bone or not. Well, let us know how it goes.
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So sorry you are in so much pain.  Since you say it is bone, you might want to try OPC3 or Grape Seed extract.  It has been known to dissolve bone spurs - granted it doesn't happen over night, but it did dissolve my bone spurs in my feet.  A friend had a large bone spur growing in his neck towards his esophagus and started taking OPC3.  A year later, the bone spur was almost completely gone!  It may or may not work for you - but why not try it?  It's wonderful for arthritis.
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My MRI did show something that the original Orthopedic Surgeon did tell me about when I went to see him.  The bone in my leg appeared to be two different colors.  He was concerned that this might be a precursor to cancer so sent me for a blood test, but that came back negative.  (I didn't mention it in my original post because like I said it came back as not cancer).  But thanks for reminding me of this, because this might give my GP the basis for an other referral.
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Hi, well you could get a bone scan. I had one done and they inject you with a radioactive tracer that shows whether you have inflammation or cancer or nothing. It is a good screen and tool that adds to the MRI. Mine was benign growth so they didn't have to do anything. Since yours hurts I'm not sure what they can do to alleviate the pain. You don't want to be in severe pain or taking drugs for it all the time if there is something they can do. You have to weight the benefits of sugery (if needed or if it would help) versus not doing anything. Keep me posted.
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