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Need help reading doctor's writing

My doctor filled out a medical report for the disability adjudicator, however he refuses to tell me what he has written.

My disability attorney needs to know what is written, however the process for the attorney to legally order the doctor to explicitly and clearly tell us about what is written is long and timely.

So I was wondering if anyone can tell me what is written here so we can get a head start on processing the case along on ourside.

I'm providing a link to an image of the document I uploaded that is in question: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/2048/docscript.jpg

On a side note, why is he keeping what he wrote so cryptic? He handed me the documents, but doesn't tell me what is on it? How does that work?
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I tried the link and it said "image not found." Too bad, because I've worked in medical settings for years, and have gotten pretty good at reading doctors' writing.

Probably the reason your doctor did not share with you what he wrote is that he, ethically, must write his obective medical findings, whether it would benefit your case or weaken it, and he probaby didn't want to have to argue with you about it if you didn't happen to agree with or like what he wrote...

He does, however, have any obligation to write clearly enough that that your lawyer and the disability adjudicator can read it. If that is not the case, your lawyer can request that his notes be transcribed, at the lawyer's expense.
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First of all, we are not at all clear on the position of this "doctor" vis-a-vis the insurance company. A "doctor" in a workman's comp case provided by the insurance company often uses his position to diminish the validity of a claim. In a workman's comp case you need your OWN doctor to provide an opinion in your favor before the symptoms diminish. Secondly, there is a "missing piece" to this story. A good disability attorney (an oxymoron) has an obligation to contact the doctor and get this matter straightened out without involving you in the process. Your attorney is not doing his job.  Most workman's comp claims boil down to what you tell the physian. From a disability standpoint the worst thing to tell them is "I feel much better".
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Unfortunately that link brought me right back to this page. I have no idea why they write like they do, I swear they are trained to do so. I remember a friend of mine who was in college and he overheard a doctor who was a professor tell one of his students to "write as messy as possible, the patient does not need to know what is going on", now, isn't that awful.

Someone ought to demand he re-write the script so you can get it taken care of, they are getting away with way to much. It makes me think they are trying to hide things.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.
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