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Repeat Infections

Over the past 18 months I have had three anal abscesses, and I had another abscess approximately 6 years ago.  In all cases these abscess presented quickly (within 2 days) and I have had to have 3 of 4 drained by the surgeon.  My most recent was caught early so my doctor decided to try Augmentin before having me see a surgeon to have it drained.  But, I'm getting concerned that this definitely doesn't seem normal for someone who is healthy and my age -- 29 years old.

The problem is that we can't seem to find out a cause for the abscesses.  The surgeon has suggested a "bout of bad luck", and my doctor doesn't seem overly concerned at this point (though, his concern is increasing).  We have tested for normal autoimmune diseases (i.e. HIV) but everything has come back negative.

I am concerned because in addition to these abscesses I also have had repeat strep throat infections where all of the infections have come back positive for Strep Type G (never type A).  Like the abscesses these infections present quickly (less than 12 hours) and within a day I have a fever and severe pain.  Additionally the throat infections have been progressively getting worse (i.e. they are now prescribing pain relievers so I can eat).

Medical background:
1) I have hashimoto's disease and am on Synthroid (.175)
2) My vitals are excellent
3) I exercise regularly and eat really well

I am wondering if anyone has ever had any problems with Strep G throat infections in additional to the anal abcesses, or if anyone has any suggestions for what could be causing this.  Or, is this really just bad luck?

After some googling I have seen a couple of similar posts where people get both the strep g throat infection and anal abscess.

Thanks in advance!
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Do you know whether the infection is MRSA.  Because if it is, that would explain the recurrence.

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I do not know if the infection is an MRSA.  Over the past few years the strength of the antiobiotics have increased, so it is getting worse.

I'm seeing the doctor today so I'll make sure to mention this.  I'm also goign to ask for a culture of whatever the infection is in the abscess.

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