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What type of drugs for depression?

Taking arbidopa and levodopa to increase dopamine levels and Tryptophan to increase serotonin levels its a good medication to treat depression?

What about MAOIs, LSD and MDMA?
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rubidium is a safe mineral, found in the lithium-sodium potassium family.
In 1973, depressed patients who had not responded to any other form of treatment took rubidium chloride. After a minimum of four weeks, 70 percent of those who took rubidium had a “good to excellent” response.
Another group of researchers found that 65 percent of chronically depressed individuals responded to rubidium chloride. In fact, rubidium
chloride was found to work as well as imipramine, a major patented antidepre s s a n t . At an Italian conference on psychiatry in 1980,
researchers presented results of a double-blind study that compared the effects of rubidium chloride with a widely sold, patented antidepressant,
chlorimipramine.The researchers found that rubidium chloride’s antidepressant results were superior to the chlorimipramine. In another study, 31 women hospitalized with depre s s i o n took rubidium chloride. By the second week, 2/3 of the women had improved significantly.
Rubidium also showed positive effects in 20 individuals with major depression who were treated with 360 to 720 milligrams of rubidium chloride. The researchers wrote: rubidium chloride showed a marked and rapid antidepressive action.
And in 1996, researchers reported that 15 individuals hospitalized
with depression were treated with 540 milligrams of rubidium chloride daily. They wrote: “Speedy therapeutic efficacy has been shown, with lack of side effects.
Boosting your body’s own depression fighters Here’s how it works! Your nerve cells and other cells use specialized enzymes to transform the essential amino acid phenylalanine and its derivative tyrosine into the neurotransmitters noradrenalin, adrenalin, and dopamine. These three neurotransmitters are part of a group classified as catecholamines, and increasing levels of them in your brain has a well-known, significant antidepressant effect. But without enough phenylalanine and tyrosine, your body can’t make as much of these substances, and you could become depressed . Rubidium stimulates the enzymes that use phenylalanine and tyrosine to produce catecholamines. In addition to stimulating catecholamine build-up, rubidium also slows their breakdown and keeps them working for longer.
rubidium supplement formulated by a compounding pharmacist, taking 500 milligrams daily with food, along with the amino acids.
Make sure to have your fasting essential amino acids checked. Although not every clinically depressed individual has low essential amino acids, the majority do, so testing and treatment for these key nutrients should never be omitted. While it’s very possible that using rubidium by itself without any of these other nutrients would probably be effective, you might be overlooking deficiencies in essential amino acids as well as other essential nutrients that rubidium alone cannot replace. So your depression might go away, but other body functions would continue to
decline, possibly permanently. Besides, rubidium is more likely to work when your body has all the amino acids it needs.
if your essential amino acids are low, make sure to use a blend of all eight essential amino acids (including tryptophan) individualized for you. And, just as importantly, make sure  to look for the cause of your low
levels. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that, quite often, that cause turns out to be hypochlorhydria, or low stomach acid. If that’s the case, then add injections of vitamin B12 with folic acid to your program.
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Yeah but you didn't answer my question...
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I went through the Rx route on depression medications. I found that the side effects to not be worth it. I found out that the homeopathic way to be a lot more safe for the not only my body, but also for others around me. Not to mention the Homeopathic allows my body to balance itself out, & it's non-habit forming. But, they say that's it's best to be clean of any Rx for about 3-6 months. Not everything works for everyone. I found that Super Supplements to be a great place to look into.(even if it's online) or another place that specializes in homeopathic/natural-pathic remedies. I hope this helps you.
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Did your doctor prescribe the levadopa? Unless you have parkinson's disease (lack of dopamine) you should not take this medication. It can cause the symptoms of schizophrenia with auditory and visual hallucinations (too much dopamine). The antidepressants commonly prescribed now are SSRI's (seratonin reuptake inhibitors). They work by leaving more seratonin available for the brain to use in the synaptic space. You should go to a doctor and explain all of your symptoms as some meds are more effective for generalize anxiety or OCD that may accompany depression. Commonly prescribed antidepressants are Wellbutrin (OCD and depression) Celexa (anxiety and depression). No matter what medication the doctor prescribes it takes at least 2 weeks to have stablized blood levels and notice if it works for you or not. Nutrition is a very important factor in mood. However sometimes you need to take medications to balance out brain chemicals. Im not pro or con about antidepressants. I think its a very individual decision. The most important consideration is the quality of your life. If AD's enable to to function better socially and emotionally then they are a viable option.

MAOI's are not as commonly prescribed because they tend to interact with many medications. LSD and MDMA (Ecstasy) are drugs that deplete neurotransmitters and cause depression and psychosis. Many people are hospitalized each year in psychiatric units because of taking these drugs. Sometimes the damage is long term and causes permanent mental health isssues. Hope this helps. Take care and keep us posted.
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