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back pain, chest pain, palpitations

I'm a 23 yr old male, fairly healthy.  6ft, 195lbs.  At night when I lay down in bed I lay there and I get in my upper back like I have to try and twist and turn and stretch because it's like a painful irritation.  I will toss and turn all night because of it.  It's really hard to describe.  The only way that I dont feel it and can get some rest is if I take some tylenol or drink a few beers before I lay down to go to sleep.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  Does anyone else experience this and what could it be?  What can I do about it??  I also get alot of left sided chest pain, done had the complete cardio work up everything is normal, I also experience alot of palpitations, skipped hearbeats, in my chest and throat.  Very disturbing.  Thanks for any input.
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Try to prop up on a pillow more when you are in bed, if the pain radiates under the right ribs up around to your shoulder blades and is severe could be Gall Baldder, say No to late night Beers, cue out Fatty food ,go Low fat, dont eat several hours before bed, could be Gall Bladder Attack, check with your Doc,
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