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What are your triggers?

When experiencing a loss, sometimes it can feel like you are doing well with the grief, and then something triggers a flood of it- and emotions just wash over you.  What's something that's been a trigger for you?  How do you cope with it?  
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One of my triggers is sirens on emergency vehicles. I totally have a panic attack and flashbacks and all that jazz when it happens. (PSTD type stuff.)

The way that I handle this trigger is I take a deep breath and remind myself that it's not happening all over again.

As far as just getting triggered, where I'm really sad, I allow myself to feel it for 20 minutes, and then move on to a different activity to distract myself.

It's really all just about coping skills.

Any specific triggers that you have that you'd like some help with?
Hi WarriorButterfly.  I'm so sorry for your loss.
I've learned many "coping skills thru the many doctors & hospitalizations but they have not been working for several years now. As my body give way, thank to horrible auto accident my mobility is becoming less & less. Physical pain meets emotional pain and they fuel each other, it seems. I'm so impressed with your post and your ability to make yourself snap out of the crying & flash backs.
It's been 21 years and I'm still stuck as though it just happened yesterday.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  
Take care and keep up the strong work of life after loss. You are an inspiration! Really!
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I lost my only sibiling march 22nd 2015. We were extremely close. I still cry atleast once a day. I cry when i think of good memories bad memories when i look at his pic on holidays on his birthday on his anniversary death date on my birthday on my moms and dads when my kids do certain things i cry thinking my brother would have loved to have seen that i cry looking into my future cause i know hes not going to be there when i hear certain songs when i go to my outbuilding where all his belongings are which i catch myself going thru atleast once a wk yep EVERYTHING IS A TRIGGER and i espevially hate it when im in public cause to shut off the water works seems harder when others are looking makes me cry more cause i try to hide it but it rains down my cheeks like cats and dogs. And most of all and i havent been able to be at a funeral that plays it and thats the TAPS AND THE GUN SOLUTE my brother was in army and when they started up that trumpet i literally screamed out with a cry BUBBY u can say if someone wasnt cryin after that came out my mouth his bf said everyone started then he said to hear the pain that came from my broken heart and out my mouth people beside him started weeping worse than me. I cant say i did that to them but when he said the way it came out i believe it cauee i lost my big brother my only sibiling my enemy fighting me growing up but also my best frined i just never knew it i lost my past my present and my future. Everythings a trigger for me
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Hi,new but happy i found this.I losted my mom who adopted me at the age of 4 she was my biological mothers friend and also friend of the family.Long story short she was a strong lady by herself adopted 4 different family in total 15 kids.So yeah she had a BIG heart.Im the oldest girl and i had my son and a set of twins .She was the best grandma too.Wellshe passed 3 years now.I was strong at first but this last mother's day was just to much.What trigger when her song came ob and i just couldnt hold in my pain.All i did was hug my kids and husband and prayed.Am still trying to deal with it .I just cant.
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