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Help for people who are dying

I have a terminal illness, FTD frontal lobe degneration which is a fatal degenerative brain disease.  I have a very supportive husband for which I am so grateful.  I have had to deal with the fact that some family members who are close to me have been unable to provide emotional support for me at the time that I most need it.

I have searched for support groups for people who are dying.  I am involved in the support group for my disease but my disease progression is atypical because most people with my disease don't realize they are sick and have no insight into their illness so I do attend a weekly chat with a few of us who are still able to communicate.

Almost all the support groups I have found online are for caregivers and I am really glad that there are so many places for loved ones to receive emotional support.  I would like to find a group in which I am able to communicate with other people who are dying.  If anyone knows of such a group or anyone on this group is dealing with their own terminal illness, I would like to hear from you.

I have a blog, Iamdying.net where I talk about my illnesses, treatments, health care issues, and express my emotions in regard to dying through poetry.  If anyone wants to visit my blog feel free.

Thanks and take care
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My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. The best person to you can talk to and support 24/7 and be with you through this process is God. I also recommend that go into "Google" and type "Support Group for the terminally ill" or something to that affect. We are also here for you, if you just want to talk.   Judy
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I am not dying, and I can't even to pretend to know what you are going through, but if you want to talk,scream cry or even just be. I will listen. Pat
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We have had to move to another state so I've been distracted.  I have gotten more involved in the "FTD" community and met a few other people like me.  I now go to regular chat sessions and it helps.

Take Care,
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