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103 days negative antibody realiability

I had an exposure to hiv 103 days ago and have had hiv 1-2 antibody tests done at week 1-3-5-7-10 and now past 3 months at 103 days, ive had symptoms of an acute infection for 3 months but on my last test they did a monospot test and it came back positive for mono and im quite sure ive never had it before so im becoming convinced that this is what is causing all my symptoms... my only concern is the possibility of having contracted HIV with MONO and how it may affect reliability of the HIV test... does anyone know? should I repeat testing?? 2 doctors ive spoke with about it told me i should wait the 6 months to be sure but 1 forsure has never made an hiv diagnosis in his entire career....... PLEASE ANYBODY!! can I lay this to rest now and move on with life or do I have to wait 6 months before I can feel completley on the safe NEGATIVE side????????????????????
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The doctors you spoke with don't know what they are talking about. 3 months is conclusive.
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i have been reading you threads FREAKEDRITE. now for more than three months i have been dying and struggling to know what 's causing my symptoms.i did many std's tests including hiv. 8 HIV test , last ones were rapid finger prick at 12,14 weeks.
do you know if mon has anything to do with hiv ( does it delay the seroconversionor any relation)?
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No, it does not. You don't have HIV. The finger prick tests are reliable. Forget about this and go enjoy your life.
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It will defanitley cause all your symptoms and can last a long time, get the mono test I garuntee it will be positive
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hey freakedriteout, i just cheched a copy of a bloow work and my infectious disese specialist has required me to do a test of Epsteain Bar Panel (which i guess for mono test)
and cytomegalovirus Ab IgG and IgM.   and Treponema Pallidum Ab igG.
so he suspect this mono virus . ijust have to go and do wait .
but since i did a thrat swab test to see if my throat was infected but the nurse said to me it's not. do you thing that throat swab doen'st pick such infection (mono)?
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No because when they do a swab test it is to do a culture for a bacterial infection ussually strep, a swab does not test for mono, they do a practical blood test for it as it is caused by a virus, this is my suspicion that you have mono, after negative results for over 3 months I would defanitley say chonic mononucleosis if you have had negative results for all stds beyond 3 months. Do the test, I'm sure your fine bud, defanitley safe from HIV according to everyone on this forum including the doctors. If you end up with mono it can last months and months but will eventually I'm sure your stricken with worry about HIV and probably not taking care of yourself which will only make things worse, drink 1 oz of water per every 2 pounds you weigh everyday for most people that's 2 liters, eat healthy and take vitamins.... And wear condoms lol. Good luck, keep me posted.
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as long as it's not hiv, i mean it's killing not knowing what up with my body . i have been saying to my self and doctors who are telling it's probably anxiety , that something related exposure, these things don't come just out of the blue.
now i find that (upper back) near spine bone in the back of neck is painful and swelling ,
just today these things swelled never as before.
any way i hope it's not hiv .
and Freakdrite, this mono virus is translatedvia sex or kissing ?
because the woman i had sex with i had kissed her many times in the last 2 years but it was the fisrt time unprotected sex occuried in my life. so is it translated by sexual contact ?
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and by the way is the mono post test , semilar to Epstain Bar pannel and cytomegalovirus (they are the viruses cause mono).?
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your test PROVES that you do NOT have hiv.

kindly move on...you do not have a hiv concern.
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Me? Lol
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