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HIV Risk/Testing

I had an unprotected sexual encounter onnOctober 8th. The male ejaculated in me. We tested negative for HIV via a finger prick test in early August.

I recently was diagnosed with HSV2. Since the encounter, I have had tongue burning & lie bumps on my tongue.

I have tested several times:
Post 7 days: finger prick (NEGATIVE)
Post 14 days: finger prick (NEGATIVE)
Post 28 days: finger prick (NEGATIVE)
Post 34 days: 4th Gen Duo (NON-REACTIVE)

I plan to test at day 45 with another 4th Gen Duo test. Do I need to have an RNA PcR conducted?
I read that I should from a member of another forum.

Also, how conclusive is the 4th Gen Duo at the 45 day mark? Since I’m high risk, would you recommend repeat testing at 6 months?
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Okay, first thing. Yes, unprotected intercourse is a risk whether he ejaculated or not.  So, you did have a risk. Second, you have adequately tested negative to be confident you did not get HIV from the encounter. Your test on day 34 will not change.  You can go ahead and test at day 45 if you feel it is necessary but it will be negative. I understand the over testing to some degree but this also sounds like a known partner that you had sex with. Is that correct? You say "WE" tested negative in August. That implies you've known him.  And the likelihood of his being HIV positive since his last test is low, wouldn't you agree? AND, the statistics are such that a 1 time sexual episode like you describe is less than 1 percent risk.  Are you dating this person?  At some point, couples do begin to have unprotected sex after mutual testing and agreement of monogamy. Not sure where you are at with that. But if it is a person you have casual sex with, using a condom with them is definitely necessary.  While you fear you have more risk because you have hsv2, that doesn't make you 'high' risk. It just means transmission would happen a bit easier. But it is not high risk. And the percentage is still less than 1 percent risk of transmission.

If you must for peace of mind, test at 45 days but it WILL be negative. And no, absolutely do not test at 6 months.  Your lip,tongue issue are not related to HIV by the way.  And if you are very anxious, that is something to work on so you can have a less stressful time being a sexual human being as we all should be.
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Thank you for your response. You presumed correctly. I know the person, but we are not exclusive.

Would having an autoimmune disease such as lupus delay any seroconversion?
To reiterate what GuitarRox stated, there is no reason for anyone, regardless of risk, to test at 6 months anymore.
Is there a need to test after 4 weeks? Is the Gen Duo considered conclusive then?
Reread GR's advice. There is no purpose in rewriting it.
Thanks! Is there a possibility that my results could be delayed since I’m immunocomprimised?
Late seroconversion is an old myth.
Reread GR's advice. There is no purpose in rewriting it.
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